Mesquite Sea Salt

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Mesquite Sea Salt is a smoke infused finishing salt. The natural wood smoked sea salt flavor for a subltle smokiness to add to your dish. Pure Pacific Ocean flaked salt is smoked for 8-36 hours per batch in Vela Farms custom wood fired smoker. This delicate salt is best if used after the meal is cooked as a "finish" to add the final flavor level. Try sprinkled on buttered bread, baked potato, vegtables, egg salad, chicken salad or anything you would add salt to normally.


When using a gas grill, prepare and cook meat, chicken, pork or fish as usual, but reserve salting until the final few minutes of cooking or while the meat is "resting". Preserving the smokey flavor of the salt. No liquid smoke is necessary.

Note: All Vela Farms products are hand crafted in small batches using all natural ingredients. We do not add preservatives, or artificial colors.