Ginger Habanero Glazed Quail

Ginger Habanero Glazed Quail

Posted by on 27th Aug 2015


2-4 cleaned quail (Squab or Cornish Game Hen will work well too)

Vela Farms Ginger Habanero Jelly 

Bacon for wrapping 

Vela Farms Grill Seasoning (substitute if necessary)

Clean quail, pat dry. 

Marinade quail in baggie with 2-4 tablespoons of Vela Farms Ginger Habanero Jelly. Refrigerate overnight is preferred, but several hours will be acceptable.

Wrap with bacon and season with Vela Farms Grill Seasoning.

Prepare grill as usual (or bake if preferred)

Add 2-4 tablespoons to a small dish, brush on quail regularly during cooking. 

Grill or bake until center is done. Do not cover with foil, moisture must escape so jelly can caramelize. 

Serve as main dish.